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Narrative Health Services

All options offer an initial phone call or 30 min meet~up

to see if this work is right for you (free of charge).

Nutritional Consulting

Nutritional Consulting

 $195   2h


1~ on ~1  Nutritional Consulting

over 2 sessions

Follow - up

Nutritional Consulting sessions

 $80   45min


1~ on ~1  Nutritional Consulting sessions

The Narrative Health Program

The Narrative Health Program (NHP) is my signature program.  It is a six-week nutrition, lifestyle & mindset protocol for people living with chronic conditions or wanting to prevent disease, live longer and/or lose weight. The NHP is personalised according to your specific health goals and eating preference (paleo/vegan/other). The focus of this programme is to teach you how to transform your health and give you the tools you need to make a life - long positive impact on your health. 


The Narrative Health Program is offered individually or in groups of 4 - 6 people.

The Narrative Health Program


$520    6,5h

1~ on ~1  Individual consulting sessions

The Narrative Health Program


$320    10h

Group consulting sessions