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The Narrative Health Program

Group Consultations

$320   10h

Group consulting over 6 sessions

In person in Vancouver BC

Experience the power of community

The Narrative Health Program is rooted in the practice of Holistic Nutrition, where body, mind & spirit are addressed as an integrated system.  The program includes an anti-inflammatory, elimination & reintroduction protocol combined with lifestyle modifications and mindset techniques. The program is based on the 4 ~ R principle.  It is designed to provide people living with chronic conditions with  the knowledge, skills and self-confidence to improve their health.


R - Remove 

R - Replace

R - Reintroduce

R - Rebalance

You are not alone...

Working in a group creates a sense of community, a gathering of people who have similar struggles. Although your conditions may not all be the same, the challenges, trials & triumphs  of navigating life with a chronic condition are relatable. The beauty & power of working in community with others lies in support, connection and accountability.


The Narrative Health Program begins with filling in forms, which will be e-mailed to you. These include a full intake form, a 3-Day journal & consent form.  The group will then meet once a week for 6 weeks for guidance through the program.  Although you will all be working from the Narrative Health Program template, you will receive a personalised nutritional protocol & lifestyle modifications regarding sleep, stress, movement & mindset.  We will also work on self ~ inquiry through  Narrative Mapping (see below), self ~ compassion and everyday techniques to manage anxiety & overwhelm. Weeks 2 ~ 5 include educational modules that include a mini-lecture with handouts.


Initial 1 - on -1 call  ~  20 minutes:

Discussion and questions around intake forms.


Session1 ~  2 hours:

Group introductions

Programme overview

Narrative Mapping session (see below for more info)

Group discussion about the Narrative Mapping experience.

First actionable steps & handouts.


Session 2 ~ 2 hours:

Group feedback

You receive your individualised nutrition & lifestyle protocol.

The elimination phase explained

Action steps & handouts

Module 1: Healing the gut & why?

Session 3 ~ 2 hours:

Group feedback around your first week on the protocol.

Sleep, stress, movement, mindset

Introduction to Self - Compassion work.

Module 2: The Rain Barrel Effect

Session 4 ~ 2 hours:

Group feedback around your second week on the protocol.

Introduction to "Tapping" work. We explore Body Talk & Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) as methods to address anxiety & overwhelm and mindset.

Module 3: The Nervous System & Chronic Conditions

Session 5 ~ 1 hour:

Group feedback around your third week on the protocol.

Re-introducing foods "What" "How" "When"

Module 4: The Importance of Nutrient Density & Variety

Session 6 ~ 1 hour:

Group feedback around your fourth week on the protocol.

How to navigate the way forward.

Body Scan guided meditation


The Narrative Health Program includes meal ideas & recipes.  The meal ideas and recipes are designed around simple cooking methods and ingredients.  They are easy to adapt, mix & match and repeat.  The aim is to teach you a new approach to cooking that is manageable and jam-packed with nutrients.


You also receive assistance via e-mail within office hours for the duration of the program.



Group consulting 

Nutritional & lifestyle Protocols with handouts

Meal ideas & recipes

Narrative Mapping session

Self - compassion work

Introduction to tapping techniques

Guided body-scan meditation

4 mini-lectures with handouts

Assistance via e-mail within office hours for the duration of the program.



What is Narrative Mapping?   


Narrative Mapping is a technique I developed inspired by my training in Narrative Therapy with Stephan Madigan at the Vancouver School of Narrative Therapy.  It is a practical written activity that journals your perception of your health journey.  We look at the past, present and future of your journey in a creative and practical way, as a visual tool for recovery.