You will learn how to gain control of your health, 

reduce your symptoms and live in a body that you love & trust. 

1. Nutrition

Optimise nutrition through personalised protocols & nutritional education.



Maximise your recovery  by

making manageable changes

to your lifestyle. 


3. Mindset

Learn that your body is on your side, through self ~ enquiry &

self ~ compassion techniques.

At Narrative Health I will:

  • Make nutritional recommendations, eliminations & protocols specific your health concerns.

  • Make herbal & supplement recommendations specific to your health concerns.

  • Teach you how to modify your lifestyle regarding sleep, stress, movement, mindfulness & mindset to support recovery. 

  • Collaborate with your medical team if they are open to doing so.

  • Teach, support and mentor you to achieve a greater level of control over your health & teach you how to reduce your symptoms naturally.


About Liesel St Arnaud BEd.CNP

Hello, My name is Liesel, I am a teacher and Holistic Nutritionist living in Naramata BC with my husband, three children and our miniature dachshund.  I taught at elementary school in South Africa until the birth of my second child.  I suspect it was around this time that I developed Hashimoto's Disease - an autoimmune disease of the thyroid -  and for a number of years my condition went undiagnosed, which was a very depressing and confusing time. 


Eventually, through pure tenacity and self-advocacy, I finally managed to get a diagnosis!


As they say, knowledge is power - which is never more true then when it pertains to your health.  I found out everything I could about autoimmunity and became fascinated by the clear connection between the gut, the immune system and inflammatory conditions.  I used nutrition and lifestyle modifications to drastically reduce my symptoms and slowly but surely... I found myself again.   


I became an Holistic Nutritionist because I want to share my knowledge with you. I want to show you how nutrition, lifestyle & mindset can make life-long positive changes to your health.  

"With my help & your commitment, the Narrative Health approach will change how you live with chronic conditions."

Bachelor of Education BEd (Cum Laude) ~  Cape Peninsula University of Technology

Honours Degree in Inclusive Education & Special Educational Needs (Cum Laude) ~ University of South Africa

Diploma in Applied Holistic Nutrition  (First Class Honours) ~ The Institute of Holistic Nutrition 

Certified Nutritional Practitioner (CNP)


Continuing Education in Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT), Narrative Therapy and Addiction.

Volunteer work as a group leader with Self - Management BC Chronic Conditions

All artwork on this website is done my me.