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The Power to Change Your Story


Narrative Health

is a complementary 

health practice that teaches you how to TRANSFORM

your health. ‚Äč




Narrative Health is rooted in the practice of Holistic Nutrition where the body and mind are addressed as an interconnected system. 

Where you are wholeheartedly greater than

the sum of your parts.


Nutrition, lifestyle and mindset lay the foundation to the

Narrative Health approach. 

Receiving a diagnosis & living with a chronic condition

is life-changing in so many unforeseen ways.  

After receiving a diagnosis and treatment from your medical team, you face the challenges of managing your condition in day - to - day life.  There are so many facets to living with a chronic condition that can really wear your down.  Relentless symptoms,  exhaustion and feelings of isolation, helplessness, resentment and even guilt that you somehow brought this upon yourself and your loved ones. But perhaps the hardest part of all is the loss of self, the feeling that you can't remember who you were before this all began.  

It is easy to let your condition define you,

to let it become your only storyline.

My goal at Narrative Health is to help you find new possibilities...

  • To help you gain confidence in your ability to look after yourself & take control of your health.

  • To teach you the miraculous healing power of food.

  • To teach you how lifestyle and mindset have a significant impact on your health.

  • To teach you that your body is not against you and how self-love & compassion for your body are essential to recovery.

  • To work together in an empathetic therapeutic relationship.

  • To show you how much YOU can really do to restore your health!

Health is primary.

 When your health improves - everything improves.

Don't let your life go unlived.